As a leading global healthcare and diagnostics company, Hologic strives to make advances toward greater certainty for customers by providing them with cutting-edge technology, embodied in the Aptima and ThinPrep brands, that makes a real difference. Hologic’s Diagnostic Solutions division moves to narrow the gap between doubt and confidence and works to achieve both incremental and transformative progress to improve patients’ lives.


Sensing the targets needed to improve women’s health.


The Aptima Women’s Health assays on the Panther system detect RNA with optimal performance to safeguard women’s health today and in the future. The Aptima Women’s Health assays are used in the diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and human papillomavirus (HPV), helping healthcare professionals provide treatment where it is needed.

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The ThinPrep Pap test was the first liquid-based cytology option in cervical cancer screening.1 In more than 2 decades, the ThinPrep Pap test has contributed to a serious decline in cervical cancer rates. 1, 2

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