It’s STI Awareness Month 2018

It’s STI Awareness Month 2018

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It’s STI Awareness Month: everyone’s favorite time to gather around a lovely dinner spread and talk about sexually transmitted infections (STIs)! In all seriousness, we know that STIs can be a little uncomfortable to talk about, even with your doctor. It is, however, extremely important to have this conversation.

Left Untreated, STIs Are More Than Just an Annoyance

Did you know that every 30 minutes, a woman in the United States becomes infertile due to an undiagnosed STI?1

Common STIs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea often have no symptoms, which makes testing even more important to identify hidden dangers.2,3

The CDC recommends regular screening for certain STIs, while testing for others is only performed if a person has been exposed to an STI or is experiencing symptoms.4 It’s important to talk to your healthcare providers about your sexual history so they can determine what tests you should receive.

Knowing Means You Can Move Forward!

Some STIs are curable, and some which are not can be managed with appropriate medical therapy. Many people across the United States and the world are living full, happy lives while living with STIs.

If you want to learn more about STIs, visit our in-depth blogs, which contain more info on chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, herpes and HPV. As part of the Affordable Care Act, many insurance policies cover the cost of regular STI testing and treatment.5 If you’re worried that your plan does not, you don’t have insurance or you simply don’t have a doctor, visit, which can help you find free or affordable testing clinics nearby.

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